Japan trip 2019, Harajuku and lots of panicking

I designated the fourth day in Japan as a full on shop day, as there was a lolita secondhand market scheduled that day. I went on my way late-ish, so I didn’t expect to find the bargain of my life, but I hoped to find some cute tops or jewelry. I was worried that finding the place was going to be hard, but as soon as I entered Takeshita Dori I saw signs pointing me in the right direction. 

One was held by a lolita in a very OTT outfit, even on Takeshita Dori it was hard to miss! I went up into the rented space and was, to my surprise, greeted in English by a western girl. The “international lolita” thing turned out to be actually true! 

The market itself was small but fun to browse through, and one girl was selling a gradient Misty Sky of all things. I ended up buying just a cutsew, and when I went to pay the Japanese guy who sold it turned out to speak English flawlessly. Honestly after days of struggling with broken Japanese and English it kind of threw me off!  After the secondhand ma…

Japan trip 2019, Kawagoe

On friday I went to Kawagoe, in Saitama prefecture but technically still in Tokyo, to meet my Japanese family! My great-grandmother was Japanese, and even though we share the tiniest bit of blood we were really excited to meet! I’ll keep their names shortened for their privacy.  I was invited over to Kawagoe because it was nice and central for all my family members, and it’s a beautiful old village. It turned out Kawagoe is also called Little Edo because half the city center is authentically Edo, including a bell tower that’s famous throughout Japan. I met up with A-san and Ai-san at the station (after walking right past eachother, followed by a panicked phone call where they were) and we took a bus to the center. A-san had booked a kimono rental service and reserved lunch for the day. The kimono rental place was incredibly small! It consisted of a small porch with hanging curtains, a heightened tatami floor with kimono racks and a dressing room the size of a big closet. 

First we were …

Japan trip 2019, arrival and Harajuku visit

Heya! Guess who’se online! Unfortunately I can’t upload any pictures yet as I didn’t bring my laptop, so these posts will be just text until I get back and edit these. Sorry!
12/04 edit: here are the pictures!
(I’ll make some posts depending on how interesting the things I did were, I’ll probably combine days where I didn’t do too much) Nothing happened on our very first day in Japan, we spent it dragging suitcases around Tokyo and cursing, and when we got to the airBnB at 4 in the midday we went straight to bed, that’s how badly the trip wore us out! The second day however, we got up early to head to Harajuku. 
The first half of the day centered around bank problems, because it turned out even though the logos on our cards were on any and every ATM, we couldn’t actually withdraw any money! We figured out a way eventually but it was a super convoluted one and having to fight with bank employees while you just want to shop really puts kind of a bad aftertaste on the day. Seriously, beware …

Spring flower coords

Despite it being only barely March, it is already so warm where I live that flowers are popping up everywhere! In this time of the year I love taking the long route to any errands I have to run so I can enjoy the flowers. My city plants loads of them everywhere and some grow naturally so every patch of green is speckled with blue, purple, yellow and white. The other day I was thinking of coords to match with the flowers that grow around here and I decided to share it in a blogpost!


Snowbells are humble little flowers. I always loved how they hide their flowers by facing the ground, as if they're too shy to look up. For a flower so subtle and elegant I wanted to make a white gothic coord.Something equally subtle, elegant and almost melancholic. I loved the shoes for this because they're very chunky without being too gothy, and the green gives it a nice springy feeling.


Hyacinths come in lots of colours, from pink to yellow to cornflower blue, but …

My favourite Lolita brand

Next up on the list: my favourite lolita brand! I'm going to cheat here and not pick one but two, because unlike most lolitas my taste is alllll over the place. So in no particular order, my favourite brands are...

AP and Moitié! Was that obvious yet?
Can I just say that I love how much those logos clash? It's hilarious.

Somehow, despite my main style being oldschool, I don't actually like oldschool AP or Moitié that much. Oldschool Moitié is pretty, sure, but for whatever reason it never manages to scratch my oldschool itch like some 2002 Baby would. Old AP does have nice designs, but they tend to use lace that I just really don't like, and lace can really make or break a piece for me. Plus, they made some really questionable Baby replicas back in the day

So why do I like these brands specifically? Well, to me they're quintessentially "lolita". When I think of sweet lolita I think of 2010 Angelic Pretty, and when I think of gothic lolita I th…

Gilding an Angelic Pretty ring

Happy new year to everyone reading this! I hope your year ended a bit better than mine. I intended to make another two or three posts before New Years Eve but due to some awful happenings I never got around to it. Lets hope for new chances in the new year!

About two years back, I bought an AP ring from an online seller, a heavy metal bow. The listing said the gold had worn a little and one of the gems was missing, so they sold it for a reduced price. I figured I could replace the missing gem and wear it as is, so I bought it. Then it arrived...

No, that silver sheen isn't just reflection of something, that's the gold all worn off. I figured I couldn't fix that, so I put it in my jewelry box and left it there for two years. Until last week I decided to give fixing it a try after all. I've done some gilding on paper and I figured gilding a metal piece wouldn't be all that much different!

The materials I used. I used a glue consisting of two components intended for ou…